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30 Questions To Ask Yourself When Planning Your Homeschool Curriculum

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It's important to stay flexible and adjust the curriculum to meet your child's needs and interests. Additionally, parents can seek support from homeschooling or unschooling groups, attend conferences or workshops, and connect with other parents for ideas and advice.

Here are 30 questions to ask yourself when planning your homeschool curriculum:

  1. What are my child's interests and strengths?
  2. What are their weaknesses and areas that need improvement?
  3. What is my child's preferred learning style?
  4. How much time can I commit to homeschooling?
  5. What is my budget for curriculum materials?
  6. How many subjects should we cover?
  7. Would I prefer that my child work on one subject at a time, or on larger projects encompassing several subjects simultaneously?
  8. Should I have designated days and times for schoolwork, or should I be more flexible and determine schoolwork time on a weekly/daily basis to work around other activities?
  9. What are the legal requirements for homeschooling or unschooling in my state?
  10. What are my goals for my child's education?
  11. Are there local tutors available to help my children if I don’t have enough time to teach them all by myself or need help teaching the subjects I’m not familiar with?
  12. How will I measure their progress?
  13. How will I motivate my child to learn?
  14. How will I handle behavioural issues while teaching?
  15. What is my child's current knowledge level in each subject?
  16. What are the learning objectives for each subject?
  17. How will I incorporate technology into my child's education?
  18. How will I integrate socialization into their education?
  19. How will I provide opportunities for physical activity and exercise?
  20. How will I ensure my child receives a well-rounded education?
  21. How will I provide opportunities for community service and volunteer work?
  22. How will I expose my child to cultural diversity?
  23. How will I provide opportunities for field trips and educational outings?
  24. How will I involve my child in setting goals and tracking progress?
  25. How will I handle burnout or frustration from both myself and my child?
  26. How will I handle conflicts with my child over their education?
  27. How will I handle disagreements with my partner or relatives over homeschooling?
  28. How many years do I want to homeschool them? Do I want to homeschool them until they are old enough for high school, or until they’re 18?
  29. How will I ensure my child is prepared for college or the workforce?
  30. How will I stay up-to-date on new teaching methods and educational resources?