Pros & Cons of


Is it Right for You?

By D. Kennedy

Growth Goalz

August, 2023

Is it right for you?

Homeschooling is an educational option that has gained popularity in recent years. It involves parents or guardians taking on the responsibility of educating their children at home rather than sending them to a traditional school. While this approach offers some benefits, it also has its drawbacks.

The Pros

  • Flexibility in scheduling and curriculum. Homeschoolers can choose the curriculum, teaching methods, and learning schedules that best fit their needs, making it easier to fit education into their lifestyle and even travel while they learn.
  • Personalized and tailored education to meet individual student needs and learning styles. Homeschooling lets you choose from a wide range of education styles and interests, giving your child the opportunity to learn about things that genuinely excite and engage them.
  • You can even find guided online programs, such as Growth Goals Confidence Building Course, to help your child develop their soft skills. Soft skills are crucial for a child to become a happy and successful adult. Unfortunately, public schools don't often focus on developing soft skills.
  • Safe and secure learning environment. Homeschooling offers a safe and controlled learning environment for children, free from bullying, peer pressure, and negative influences.
  • Parental involvement in education increases. Homeschooling allows for closer, meaningful family connections and relationships as children spend more time with their parents and siblings while learning.
  • Through homeschool co-ops, group meets, online programs, and activities, homeschooling can provide healthy opportunities to socialize with people from all backgrounds.

The Cons

  • Parents' responsibilities and workloads increase. Homeschool parents may experience burnout due to the workload and stress of being solely responsible for their child's education. Parents may benefit from taking online courses themselves to help manage stress, time and general mindfulness.
  • There is potential for academic gaps or lack of qualifications. Learning foreign languages or accessing a lab for science classes are some of the opportunities homeschoolers may miss out on. Fortunately, due to increased interest in homeschooling, there are more and more avenues for pursuing these options.
  • Homeschool children may have limited socialization opportunities with peers, which can increase their social awkwardness and self-consciousness. Soft skills programs specifically created for children, like the classes offered at Growth Goalz Personal Development Academy, are now readily available online to aid in training skills such as communication, confidence building, and listening skills.
  • With reduced access to extracurricular activities and specialized resources, homeschoolers may find these things harder to access outside of a traditional school setting. Still, with creativity and determination, there are endless possibilities for obtaining a well-rounded and fulfilling education outside regular schools.
  • Financial burden: Parents must purchase curriculum materials, pay for outside activities, and compensate for the loss of income if one parent needs to stay home to homeschool. These factors can all be weighed on the scales of costs/benefits and mitigated by careful financial planning and sharing resources with other homeschool families.

Is Homeschooling Right For You?

Homeschooling is a personal decision that depends on your lifestyle, values, and goals for your child's education. Ask yourself:

  • Are you committed to providing a personalized education for your child?
  • Do you have the financial, time, and emotional resources to homeschool your child?
  • Are you ready and willing to take on the sole responsibility for your child's academic, social, and emotional development?
  • Do you have solid research and planning skills to design a curriculum and learning environment?
  • Are you willing to seek out socialization opportunities for your child and yourself?

Homeschooling may seem to be a daunting and monumental task to take on. Remember, with careful planning, budgeting, and a positive attitude, homeschooling can be a rewarding experience for the whole family. The growing body of homeschooling families and the age of the internet and technology has increased the resources and support available exponentially. All it takes is time, attention, and creativity to provide a journey of education and self-exploration that has no bounds or limits.