Kids Drawing

Encourage Creativity in Children with a Simple and Fun Drawing Game!

Encouraging creativity in children is crucial if you want them to live happy and successful lives. Creativity helps children think outside the box and develop innovative solutions to problems, it allows them to express themselves in unique and meaningful ways, and it can be a great source of joy and inspiration.

A simple and fun activity to try with your child to inspire creativity is to play the game, Changeroo. All you need to play Changeroo is two or more people, a piece of paper, something to draw with, and your imagination.

To start, have the first person draw something simple, such as a circle. Then let the next person add something to the drawing so the original object on the paper changes. For example, they could change the original circle into a smiley face.

Keep passing the drawing around with each new person adding something that changes what the last person had drawn. For example, the circle becomes a smiley face, which then becomes a coffee mug with a smiley face on it, which becomes a person holding a coffee mug......keep passing the drawing back and forth until you run out of ideas or paper!

Not only can you foster a lifelong love of learning and exploration through simple games like these, but your children will also become better problem-solvers, more adaptable to change, better communicators, more confident, and develop a positive attitude towards challenges and setbacks.